The Lines

Nothing that hasn’t come out of the scent of wood, from feeling the sound it produces when it is exposed to the wind. We don’t design products, we dream of them, at most we imagine them, then we realize them.

And then all that remains is to imagine the product we want: the only one that can occupy that space and make it unique, refined, simple and unforgettable, and as in the choice of a dress: you can’t choose the most beautiful, it doesn’t exist … you have to wear what is tailor-made for you: what makes you unique.


Our line dedicated to one of the finest woods, teak products are available on a limited basis for custom orders only. The teak can be combined with any of our available colors of rope and leather: blue, beige, gray and cream.

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The Classic

Mahogany wood derivative, walnut color, ultra water resistant, can be combined with any color of rope and leather, choose between blue, beige, gray and cream

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Total Black

Mahogany wood derivative, black lacquered, ultra water resistant, with rope and black leather

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Mahogany wood derivative, cream lacquered, ultra water resistant, with rope and cream leather

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